Get more customers in your dealership with Google Street View and 360° tours

There are many ways and means to attract attention to yourself and your company and to gain popularity. One of the most important aspects that should come first in your marketing measures are professional and descriptive photos for your website, your business profile on Google, your social media activities, etc. The technology of today’s smartphones certainly makes it possible to take good photos for postings on your Facebook business account. But for your professional company presentation, you should rely on experts in photography.

More visibility on Google

The virtual car dealership

What if you could attract people, your potential customers, to your dealership without ever having been there before? At least so far! Give them a chance to get a full picture of your showrooms, interior and atmosphere of your car dealership in advance. This is exactly what you can achieve with a virtual 360° panoramic tour with Google Street View – and in excellent quality. Via desktop PC, tablet, smartphone or VR glasses, the viewer navigates independently through the tour and can look specifically at the areas that interest him. Your open and transparent company presentation arouses curiosity and creates trust – the basis for a healthy business relationship. What do you think? Will a potential customer be more likely to visit the car dealership that presents itself professionally and service-oriented with a virtual 360° tour or the dealership that reveals little information about itself, much less has published impressions?

Stand out from competitors

A first-class 360° panoramic tour of your car dealership achieves its effect on various channels. Your Google business profile immediately catches the eye in web search given the appealing photos. An ordinary business profile without a 360° tour simply gets lost in the mass of search results. Embedded on your website, the virtual tour is undoubtedly an eye-catcher. Traffic increases and your website visitors will stay on your site longer than before. To expand your reach on Facebook, you should publish individual panoramic images on your company page. Such content is readily shared.

In the event that you exhibit new model lines in your showroom or renovation or remodeling work is done in your car dealership, we can photograph the newly designed areas again in 360° and easily integrate them into the existing 360° panoramic tour. This way, you always present your car dealership as it actually looks.

How are the costs calculated?

It is a one-time investment for you, depending on the size of your car dealership and the number of panoramic points. Uploading to Google is not associated with any costs. Individual post-processing of the images is possible at any time for an additional charge.

How do you get your 360° tour?

After we have looked at the conditions on site and discussed your ideas, you will receive an individual offer from us. If you decide on the perfect presentation of your car dealership, we will come to you by appointment and put it into effect. It takes about one to two hours until everything is in the can. After that, we will start creating the 360° panoramic tour which will be online after only a few days.