Google Street View for shops

360° tours for companies

The good old phone book and yellow pages are long gone. Where would you begin to search for a restaurant, fashion store or dentist as a stranger? That’s quite clear! You take your smartphone out of your pocket and look at Google. Usually there is no time to take a very close look at all search results. Therefore you focus on the first three to five search results and make a decision.

Conversely, what does this mean for you as an entrepreneur? If your company, doctor’s office or shop does not appear on page one in Google search, people will not even notice you. You give away a lot of potential and simply get lost in the mass of search results.

Read on to find out how you can improve your company presence and your position in Google Search.

Google certified

Reach new customers with a virtual tour on Google Maps

You should have a company profile on Google and a website. It does not have to be elaborately designed, a small solution with all the important information about your company may also be sufficient. But what makes your website come alive and makes it appear more interesting for website visitors? Professional and high quality photos!

What if you could make your shop in the city center of Leer accessible to the people, your potential customers, around the clock, 365 days a year? Of course only virtually! A virtual 360° panoramic tour with Google Street View enables exactly that. Potential buyers can, so to speak, stroll along your business premises and get a first impression of what it looks like there – in the 360° view.

By a professional 360° tour your Google entry and your website will be significantly upgraded. This can result in a significantly better ranking in Google search results. Cue: visibility on Google! People stay longer on your website and consciously familiarize themselves with your company and your offer. You stand out from your competitors without a 360° tour and present yourself as a transparent and customer-friendly company. In this way you create trust and arouse curiosity in your future customers to visit your shop in real life.

For which shops are 360° tours suitable?

It doesn’t matter whether you run a hotel, restaurant, retail store, law firm, or physiotherapy practice. A virtual 360° tour is suitable for every type of company and is sector-independent.

While exploring your hotel virtually, potential hotel guests find their dream room and can reserve it for the requested period with one mouse click. This makes the booking process easier later.

Have you thrown your back out while on vacation? Those seeking help can navigate their way through the premises of your therapy center and get a feel for what to expect.

A Google Street View tour of a fashion store allows potential customers to gain an immediate insight into your range. In the event that you also run an online shop, the customer can add his desired products to the shopping cart with one mouse click directly from the virtual tour.

Kochs GmbH, presented in the Google Street View tour