More visibility on Google Maps

Virtual tours for hotels

Every company gains a lot from Google Street View | Trusted (formerly Google Maps Business View). The 360° tours allow customers to take a virtual look around before a real visit. Usually this is a single shop that can be explored in a tour with just a few clicks.

But there is another possibility for hotels to have such panoramic images created: the “island solution”. These are separate panoramic tours of the individual areas that the hotel has to offer. This simplifies handling considerably, as you can immediately look around the requested areas virtually without having to search for a long time.

Virtual visit

Win new guests with transparency

Reception, double room, breakfast room, in-house restaurant, swimming pool – the customer gains confidence by being able to look at all areas that are in their own interest beforehand. The building offers views from every possible perspective, so the probability that it has anything to hide is low. So this has a fundamentally positive effect on the customer.

In then end it is better to book an accommodation that you have already got to know – even if only virtually – than one that you could only see with the help of simple photos. In addition, you have the opportunity to explore your dream hotel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And not only that! By connecting to Google Street View, you can also quickly find out which bars are in the area or how long it takes to get to the beach. With such possibilities, you enthuse customers with your hotel.

Increased presence leads to success

Google Street View Trusted for hotels significantly increases the presence on Google and thus enables potential customers to discover it more quickly. The virtual tour is displayed immediately and is visible to the customer via the Google search engine, Google Maps and Google Earth. This not only arouses curiosity, but could ultimately even lead to the conviction that you want to book exactly this accommodation. By this presence, Google Street View Trusted / Google Maps Business View for hotels ultimately leads to success: another, booked hotel room.

The tour for your hotel

Are you interested in a 360° tour of your hotel, too? Then contact us. As Google certified photographers, we have the best options to show your building in the best light. Due to the different islands, precise planning is very important so that all relevant areas are covered. However, by joint organization the project will be implemented quickly and you will soon have a first-class tour of your hotel!

Hotel Arkadenhaus on Google Maps