360° video production

Within social media this content is most consumed and shared. We are talking about immersive 360° videos. What makes them so popular compared to other types of posts? The viewer dives into the story with all his senses so that the 360° experience feels scary real. The use of virtual reality glasses intensifies the feeling of total immersion. The VR user takes over the function of the camera operator, as he decides himself, from which perspective he wants to look at the situation that is almost automatically in his memory.

At Fiebak Medien you benefit from a customized 360° video production. First we develop an individual concept in line with your ideas and wishes. Afterwards, we accompany or optimize the project development and plan the storyboard. After shooting your video with our high tech equipment in 8K resolution, we do the post production and make sure that your 360° video is released on all relevant channels.

360° VR content production

Immersive experiences

Convince your customers

Advantages of a 360° video production

Fascinating image videos, promotional product videos, helpful explainer videos, authentic documentations, convincing recruiting videos – there are several forms of 360° video production that are useful for your corporate communication and associated marketing and advertising campaigns. Informative and entertaining content in 8K quality succeeds in attracting the attention of your target audience on Facebook, YouTube or on your website. By communicating your message visually with your potential customers you make it alive and build an emotional bond.

360° video production in practice

The special thing about creating a 360° product video is the fact that we can highlight certain features as well as all the advantages of your product from completely different and impressive perspectives. While having a customer meeting your VR product video can influence the purchase decision of your potential customer in your favor.

Is your company running an exciting project that might interest your customers and business partners? Report on it in a professionally created 360° video and share it with others.

Especially in the skilled labor area or when it comes to learning complex work steps in the industry 360° videos are the ideal means of communication to simplify the vocational adjustment of new employees or to carry out special trainings.

At fairs and exhibitions, 360° videos seem like a crowd puller for trade fair visitors. Via VR glasses you give prospect buyers the chance to interactively watch your image video, individual divisions or production processes from all perspectives.

More visibility on social media

More attention

360° videos strengthen customer loyalty