360° virtual tours for real estate

"74% of all prospective real estate buyers see 360° tours as a decisive decision-making aid"

According to a study by “Planethome” (a subsidiary of Hypovereinsbank), 74% of all prospective real estate buyers surveyed said that a 360° panoramic tour was a crucial decision-making aid for them when looking for real estate.

Realistic room impressions

Anyone looking for a property often uses well-known internet portals such as immobilienscout24.de or immonet.de to obtain offers. The providers present their properties using photos and videos so that interested parties can get a first impression.

But prospective buyers would get an even better idea if they were able to view their future property virtually before a real visit. A 360° panoramic tour is an optimal solution for this. This gives prospective customers the opportunity to look around beforehand, get a realistic impression of the room and see more details than photos and videos can offer. This reduces the risk of disappointment in a real visit by a lot. Especially if the customer has to travel a long way, a virtual tour can only be an advantage.

Ideal investment

360° tours save time and money

In this way, the brokerage firm can also benefit: Accordingly, the broker only has to deal with really interested customers. This saves time and costs. Purchase decisions are also made more quickly, after all, the prospective buyers have “already seen” the object beforehand. This saves you from unsuccessful viewing appointments. The desired property is available online 24 hours a day, and a prospective buyer can view the premises at any time of the day or night without having to make a real appointment – which might lead to disappointment within the first few minutes, because you imagined it all a bit differently. With a virtual tour in advance, the likelihood that the customer will be disappointed at the actual viewing is significantly reduced!

Stand out from the competition

The real estate market is well filled, brokerage offices abound. All the more reason to stand out: With a 360° tour, you stand out from the competition, enhance your own company and offer customers an excellent service that will not go unnoticed. This is how new customers are acquired. Advertisements on your own homepage and in real estate portals attract more attention due to these tours and thus address several people who can become serious prospective buyers. Already, as you can see from the quote, there are very many positive customer testimonials. A 360° panoramic tour helps to decide quickly and effectively and thus offers only advantages for customers and brokers.