Digital accessibility

EU directive on digital accessibility mandatory from June 28, 2025

The topic of inclusion is also becoming increasingly important in the digital world. All people, regardless of whether they have a physical or mental impairment or not, should be able to find their way around websites easily and in a user-friendly way. Pleasant contrasts, immediately eye-catching touch interfaces and sufficiently large font sizes are just some of the elements that make up an accessible website.

On June 28, 2025, a new EU directive on digital accessibility (European Accessibility Act – EAA) comes into force which obliges all private-sector providers in the EU to make their websites accessible. Of course, this also affects online stores.


Many online providers are still awaiting implementation

Of 78 high-reach online stores that underwent an accessibility analysis published by Google, Aktion Mensch, Stiftung Pfennigparade and BITV-Consult, only 17 stores currently have a visible keyboard focus. Other problems include insufficient contrast between text and background, incorrect tab sequences and elements that cannot be activated using the keyboard. In addition, superimposed content makes it more difficult to use, as banners or cookie overlays cannot be closed and thus block access to the main content.


Finding your way around the web more easily thanks to digital accessibility

Digital accessibility makes surfing and obtaining information on the Internet more intuitive and pleasant for everyone. Companies that offer their products or services online can reach a larger target group thanks to accessibility. The advantages are on both sides – both users and website owners benefit from the new EU directive on digital accessibility which will soon become legally binding.

Fiebak Medien is your competent partner when it comes to optimizing your website or online store for accessibility. We work with various tools and browser extensions that determine where action is required and what specific adjustments need to be made. Readability, mobile-optimized links and buttons, meaningful alternative texts for images, understandable language, screen reader compatibility and accessible forms are the requirements that an accessible website must meet in accordance with the forthcoming EU directive.

Get startet with digital accessibility now

Be one of the first in your industry to address the issue of digital accessibility today. This will give you a considerable advantage over your competitors, who have not yet recognized the urgency and are putting the issue on the back burner because 2025-6-28 is supposedly in the distant future. It is advisable to start the implementation in good time so that the effort and costs remain manageable and the optimization of your website can take place stress-free and without time pressure.