Measures against coronavirus

Dear customers,

We at Fiebak Medien take the current situation around SARS-CoV-2 very seriously and support the measures against the spread of the coronavirus. To stay healthy and help contain the virus, we require masks. We ensure intensive hand hygiene and compliance with the minimum distance of 1.5 m. In addition, we regularly open all windows of our premises.

Please also follow the AHA rules recommended by the Robert-Koch-Institut (RKI) to protect yourself and others.

Take good care of yourself and stay healthy!

Your team at Fiebak Medien

Video consulting

Video meetings

We hold all meetings that do not necessarily require a face-to-face meeting digitally via telephone or video conference. For this purpose, we use the video communication services Google Meet and Google Hangouts. If you wish, we can also meet via Zoom.

Photo / video

Production with distance

We keep the personnel costs as low as possible for all photo and video productions. It goes without saying that we comply with the AHA rules. For portrait shoots, we shoot with high focal lengths and can easily meet the minimum distance.

Safety distance

If we are unable to resolve matters by telephone or video conference, a face-to-face appointment with you will take place only in compliance with the distance rules.

Hand hygiene

We wash our hands regularly and thoroughly and ask you to do the same. In addition, a dispenser with disinfectant is available in our office.

Mask obligation

There is a permanent mask requirement throughout the its building. If we come to you, we will wear a mouth and nose covering even then.

Fresh air

We reduce the risk of infection via aerosols by regular shock and cross ventilation in our premises.


Instead of shaking hands, we welcome you with a friendly "hello". If you like, we will also welcome you with an elbow or foot check.

Working from home

Edit images, cut videos, work on your website... We do these and similar activities for you from home.