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Corporate design development

Just like every person, every company has its own personality which defines it and distinguishes it from others. The identity of your company, organization or brand, your so-called corporate identity is characterized by various features and represents the image of your company which is unique worldwide – just like your company name and your corporate philosophy.

Based on decades of experience, we develop your individual corporate design concept with an incomparable recognizability. We consider all forms of communication in marketing. Mission statement, logo, business stationery, marketing measures, press activities and professional photography are coordinated with each other and combined result in your corporate identity.

Classical & digital

Uniform design for your company

You can also apply your uniform corporate design to your social media campaigns for your postings and stories on Facebook and Instagram. Both your company colors and your typeface should be chosen in the way your target group is used to. The placement of your logo in your postings and stories also needs to be carefully considered. It is important to maintain the design. This is how you build trust in your fans and followers and strengthen your branding.


What are the aims behind a uniform corporate design?

Used as an instrument for brand positioning, you convey a conforming, positive, distinctive and catchy corporate image with your individual corporate design, both on the outside and inside. It helps to build your brand’s image and at the same time increases your attention and recognition factor. You sustainably strengthen customer loyalty to your company.

At the same time, you establish a strong relationship with your company among your employees. This increases team spirit and motivation.

Corporate identity development

The corporate typeface denotes your individual typeface and should be chosen with care. It should be clear, legible and from the same font family. Too many different variations seem restless.

The visual language (Corporate Pictures) includes the selection and use of images, symbols and motifs. On the one hand, they should be expressive and instantly recognizable, on the other hand, they should run like a red thread through all your channels.

Successful imagery evokes positive emotions from your target group towards your products, services and your company.

The color concept relates to the selection and use of certain colors. As with your corporate font, the same applies here: less is more! Limit yourself to one, max. two colors that suit your company and emphasize your identity.