The right goals for Google Ads

What ad formats are there?

Ad formats in Google Ads are always based on the respective campaign type which includes search, display, video, app campaigns, maximum performance campaigns, shopping campaigns or maximum performance campaigns with merchant center feed. In addition, the ad format you choose will depend on your specific target project.

These are the most important Google Ads ad formats:

Text ads

Text ads consist exclusively of words, namely a headline, two lines of descriptive text and an ad URL. They are displayed above or below the organic Google search results and are labeled "Ad". The purpose is to reach potential customers who are searching for something specific on Google. They are then directed to your website to perform a specific action (fill in a contact form, make a purchase, etc.).

Responsive ads

In terms of size, display and format, responsive ads adapt to the ad space, regardless of whether they are text or image ads. This allows you to target your ads more effectively to your target groups and always get the most out of your Google Ads.

Image ads

Image ads are static graphics in JPG or PNG format or animated graphics in GIF format. This type of visual presentation of your products or services allows you to attract the attention of users on various platforms such as websites, YouTube videos and mobile apps. Higher click rates and conversions can be achieved.

App ads

App ads are displayed exclusively on mobile devices and appear on various platforms such as Google Search, Google Play Store, Apple Store, Google Display Network and YouTube. Users should be encouraged to install your app and interact with it on a permanent basis.

App ads are further subdivided as follows:
・App installation ads:
The user is not yet familiar with the app and should be encouraged to download it for the first time. The ad consists of an image or graphic and a call-to-action button.

・App engagement ads: The user should be motivated to use an already installed app again.

・App video adds: App video ads have the same purpose as app install ads. However, a video is displayed as an advertising medium which generally has a greater effect on users than an image or graphic.

Video ads

You have the option of either placing stand-alone video ads or integrating them into streamed videos on YouTube or on other websites in the Google Display Network. ideo ads allow you to express your advertising message in a varied and interactive way.

A distinction is made here as follows:

・In-stream adds:
They are played before, during or after a video on YouTube or other websites and can be skipped by the user.

・Video discovery ads:
As soon as the user searches for something specific video discovery adds are played alongside the search results on YouTube and other websites.

・Bumper ads:
They are played before a video on YouTube and other websites and cannot be skipped by the user.

・Out-stream ads:
They are displayed as banners on websites that do not host videos or are automatically played in the user's field of vision.

Product shopping ads

In addition to a photo of the product, a product shopping ad also shows the title, price, your company name and other important information. It is displayed to users in Google Shopping, Google Images and in Google Search as soon as they search for your product or a comparable product.

Call-only ads

The focus here is clearly on encouraging potential customers to call the displayed telephone number to make direct contact. This is why call-only ads are presented exclusively on mobile devices and are particularly suitable for local service providers such as doctors, lawyers, plumbers, gardeners, etc.