Climb up to the 1st page on Google

Do you want to achieve more visibility in Google search, more reach and to get more visitors to your website? Then the cue is search engine optimization, SEO for short. Using individual SEO activities Fiebak Medien supports you in moving the keywords relevant for your company to the top of the Google search results. It will not happen overnight. Search engine optimization is a continuous process that needs to be monitored and adjusted steadily.

SEO is an important part of any corporate strategy. Since 2001 we have been advising and supporting companies of all sizes and from all sectors in search engine optimization. With Fiebak Medien you have a competent and reliable SEO agency at your side that has already developed and carried out many successful SEO campaigns. We don’t know if your company will reach number 1 in Google search. Anyone who guarantees this is not really working respectably. However, what you can expect and will see from us is a structured and goal-oriented approach to all of our SEO measures which will help your website to achieve a significantly better ranking.

Would you like to be found more easily on Google on the long-term basis?

How long a term takes to appear on the first page depends on many different factors. Accordingly, there is no guarantee that your search term will make it to page 1 in the period XY. That is why it is so important to create good content. Even more importantly, consider SEO as an ongoing process.

If you choose Fiebak Medien in search engine optimization we will first work with you to create a plan of which relevant terms should be optimized for the search engines and how your page will appear at the top of the search results on Google. After an analysis, you determine the monthly budget and our work begins.


Instantly more visibility?

Search engine marketing with Google Ads & Co.

Google ads

Another variant is search engine marketing. However, you should have a certain budget available for this. This means that advertisements are placed on the search engines that guarantee you the first place in search results.

This possibility is indispensable if you want to introduce a new product or service to the market quickly and gain awareness within a short period of time.

SEO analysis – the basic stocktaking of your website

With our trained eye and our marketing-oriented way of thinking, we analyze your website right down to the last detail. We consider OnPage factors such as loading times, internal links, accessibility for crawlers and errors in the page structure. In addition, we analyze the current status of your off-page optimization, such as domain popularity, the quality of backlinks and many other aspects. For you, we document all the lessons learned clearly and give you tips on how to improve your visibility on Google.

Local SEO – secure your top position in local search

Local SEO focuses on SEO optimization for local ranking in organic search. With Fiebak Medien you have a competent SEO partner at your side who centrally manages and keeps your structured data such as company name, address, telephone number, opening times, reviews, photos, company description and other information about your company up to date. By a Google My Business optimization we ensure uniform entries in Google Maps as well as in many trade directories. Duplicate entries are automatically removed. In this way you make it easier for your customers to find your company.

19 years of experience

We have been optimizing content for Google for over 19 years and are extending our knowledge constantly.

SEO experts

Numerous top rankings bring our long-term customers permanently more traffic.

SEO consulting – personal, individual and effective

We don’t offer standardized consulting services. Because standardized methods do not work in search engine optimization. With us you can expect personal, effective advice customized to your needs.

We examine your market very carefully in order to be able to offer you individual and practicable solutions. Our SEO techniques are sustainable and future-oriented. By continuously optimizing your tailor-made SEO strategy the visibility of your company is sustainably strengthened.

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SEO support – your comprehensive service for long-term success

In order to develop and finally implement a successful SEO strategy you have to deal intensively and permanently with the topic. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that needs to be constantly monitored and adjusted. Most companies simply do not have the time.

As your SEO agency, we relieve you with our professional and continuous SEO support so that you can concentrate entirely on your core tasks. Keyword management, high-quality content creation, onpage / offpage optimization, link building, optimization of the user experience – that is our focus.

SEO for online shops

A varied range of products and a user-friendly structure don’t do any good if your online shop is not optimized for search engines such as Google & Co. Leave the last ranks to your competitors and capture the online market with your shop. Generate more visitors to your online shop and thereby achieve measurable success with your online sales.

Our team of experts in SEO for WooCommerce Onlineshop online shops develops an individual strategy for your shop and is also responsible for the operational implementation. Every action is checked in order to permanently measure the success of search engine optimization.

Link building – getting more visibility by strategic link building

Among others, Google & Co. algorithms are based on reviews of backlinks. Both the reviews of the search engines (offpage optimization) and the page optimization (onpage optimization) and other factors determine the search result.

Fiebak Medien purposefully executes good and serious link building for your website. Because a clean link profile is the basis for the best search engine positioning. We focus on an intensive risk assessment which enables intelligent SEO solutions in strategic link building.


User-friendly content leads to better rankings

As business photographers we know what is important in image search: The Google image search is already an important, even a direct ranking factor for the positioning of your website. Our content refinement team complements and optimizes your text content by means of appealing images, graphics and illustrations. Because not only Google, but also your users really appreciate user-friendly content. Image size, file format and file name are just a few of the many aspects to consider in marketing-minded image SEO.

Holistic landing pages – be more visible than your competitors

At the moment, holistic landing pages are the best method to permanently secure good rankings in the organic search of search engines. Comprehensive content, a clear structure for easy readability and informative texts are some of the distinguishing features of such a specialized website without a navigation bar. A table of contents is advisable for better orientation for your potential customers.
By a previous target group analysis, you will know exactly what your target group is interested in in connection with your product or service.

The insights gained serves us as a basis for the content design of your holistic landing page. As far as the graphic design is concerned, the keyword is multimedia content. To present your content, in addition to texts, graphics and audio content, images and videos are also effective tools. 360° images and 360° videos in particular fascinate your target group and create emotions.
By your holistic landing page you provide users with comprehensive and useful information on your topic. You cannot only pursue targeted branding, but also gain more attention and thus more reach, since holistic content is often linked and shared, provided that it offers users added value.