The business card in Google search

Google MyBusiness optimization

The profile on Google My Business is like a business card for the company. The user sees at first glance the route, opening hours, telephone numbers and much more. Google My Business acts like a social network. The owner can present his company using different variants and provide a comprehensive overview of his locality.

Other users can write reviews that are directly visible to others and can provide a positive image. Also, the entrepreneur can write posts himself which can even be shared by other users so that the image of the company is positively enhanced. In this way, the company remains virtually in contact!


Show your company

The owner has the possibility to upload photos and videos of his location and classify them in different categories. This allows him to provide other users with an organized overview while showing all facets of his business – whether interior or exterior shots, photos at work, personnel,… The options are very diverse. Of course, you can also upload images that do not fit into these categories – these will then fall under “additional photos”, but will be just as present as the others.

The virtual tours on Google Maps are a special eye-catcher. This directly invites visitors to take a virtual look around the store. This creates transparency and trust and arouses curiosity to want to take a real look around the store.

Keep everything under control with Google My Business

Another important part of Google My Business is the function to view statistics. Has anyone visited the site, how many views were there? How many clicks did the company entry get? What user interactions and what new followers are there? The simple statistics are, so to speak, the “precursors” of Google Analytics. Of course, you can also link this service with Google My Business.

In order to offer smaller companies a good entry into Google’s advertising network, “Ad Words Express” is offered on Google My Business. This helps especially beginners to build a good presence on the web.

So Google My Business is a service that should be used by every business – whether they are small, local businesses or large, world-renowned companies. It promises only advantages: A better connection to (potential) customers, profit gained from reviews from other users and a clear analysis of page views. Smart and effective marketing which is also free of charge.