Software development

As agency for digital solutions we develop high quality process-driven applications for mobile, desktop and cloud environments. Our team works in the fields of AR, CRM, ERP, PLM and VR. We develop scalable, sustainable apps for on premise environments or for the cloud – for your digital change into the future. Learn more about the technologies currently in use, our clients and our expertise from Fiebak Medien.


Front end

  • Bootstrap
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • React

Back end

  • Angular
  • Java
  • Python
  • PHP
  • .NET


  • MS SQL
  • MY SQL
  • Mongo DB
  • RDS
  • Oracle


  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • IBM Cloud
  • VMware


  • AD
  • LDAP
  • REST
  • SOAP


  • Android
  • iOS

Front end

Whether it is about a classical website, CMS, CRM, ERP or PLM system. The usability and the performance of the front end are decisive for your success. By using technologies such as Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript and React we develop performant and sustainable front end applications.

Back end

Robust back ends are important for the optimal performance of your website, database, store, ERP or PLM system. We use state of the art programming languages like .Net, Java, Node, Python or PHP to develop your back end application.

Mobile & desktop apps

We develop native apps for mobile and desktop applications. Unlike web apps, native apps allow full access to the resources of your hardware and therefore offer much higher performance.

Windows & macOS

For desktop application development, we rely on enterprise standards such as Visual Studio and Xcode.

  • WIN 10 UWP APPs / C#
  • macOS 11/12 SWIFT APPs / Objective-C

Cross platform

Code once – deploy everywhere. Using frameworks like Xamarin and Flutter, we develop hybrid apps that can run on different devices and operating systems. Thus, applications for iOS, Android as well as macOS and Windows can be developed simultaneously.

Android & iOS

For mobile apps, we use the most modern technology stack based on Kotlin and Swift.

  • iOS 14/15 - SWIFT APPS
  • Android 11/12

Distribution Platforms

Whether it is a public release of your app on the Apple App Store or Google Play, or deploying proprietary apps for in-house use with Apple In-House Distribution or Microsoft Intune, we help you deliver your apps according to your business processes.


Serverless is the native cloud architecture that creates an on-demand process for those that previously required a server. This reduces the cost of server or cluster deployment as well as management tasks, maintenance and patching.


AWS Lambda is a serverless technology that runs Python code based on a template. The statements defined in the template describe and control the behavior of your serverless application.

Low cost

In contrast to a server, which usually operates continuously, resources are only accessed as soon as a process is to be executed. Thus, you pay only for consistent throughput or execution time of your process and not for the hours of operation of a server.

Fast scaling

Your desired applications or business processes are automatically scaled without idle time, replacing the classic concept of servers scaling horizontally or vertically according to workload.

No management

With serverless, there is no need to provision or maintain servers. There is no software or runtime environment to install, maintain or manage. Compared to a virtualized or orchestrated server environment, the management effort is therefore reduced to a minimum.

IT compliance

Strengthen your business with risk-informed decisions embedded in daily operations across the enterprise. In addition to technological measures, support services, SLAs and operational concepts are also important components of a sustainable IT compliance and governance strategy.

Support & Service Level

We provide professional service levels for your applications and services. Whether you need proactive monitoring and patch management, audits or Tier 1-4 level support for your application in English, German, Spanish and Russian, we can provide 24/7 multi-timezone service levels.

Operating concepts

We create reproducible documentation of your application and operating concepts according to. ITIL, Hermes 5.1. Standardizing and consolidating your infrastructures reduces risks and optimizes the use of your existing resources.


We implement the highest EU GDPR standards in your applications and IT infrastructure. In addition to simple consent and cookie management to pseudonymization and cloud trail processes, we map all segments of the latest EU GDPR guidelines.


How can we help you?

Our team of specialists will be happy to support your company in all areas of modern software development and maintenance. We meet the highest safety standards according to ISO / IEC 27001 certification.

New ideas

No matter how complex your requirement seems to be, our team develops software that is needed for the highest demands, whether on-premise or cloud. Together with you, we identify the potential for individual software solutions.


Your application is weakening? Dissatisfied employees and inefficient processes cause problems in your company. Our team analyzes your existing system and develops a high performance environment with excellent usability.


For your company, the exchange of data between systems is a crucial process for making the most of business processes. Free your data from existing systems and use its full potential with the help of high performance interfaces.


Your software or IT infrastructure needs modernization? It is crucial for both the efficiency and satisfaction of your employees. We bring your applications up to date or transfer existing processes to a new system.


Increase the audit integrity of your applications for all operations and evidence references of your processes with audit trails. With the help of trails, you establish transparency for processes and applications and comply with the highest EU GDPR standards.


Minimize the deployment phases of your applications and IT environments. Automatic creation, tracking and approval of changes to your systems will improve your team's productivity and save time.


Fiebak Medien consists of a team of experienced professionals who will guide you safely through your software development process. The 4-phase model describes our approach. Using agile sub-processes, we reduce risks and increase efficiency during the respective development phase.

1) Budget

Our collaboration starts with a detailed evaluation of your use case to port your goals to a new system in a cost-efficient and sustainable way and to avoid financial risks.

2) Analysis

After the evaluation, the analysis begins. We recommend solution approaches that include an optimal implementation of your software process. You will get a detailed plan for the development of your application before we start working.

3) Migration

Once the strategy is set, your application is developed in an agile process and delivered to you in a staging environment incl. real data. In doing so, we ensure that the process has the least possible impact on your daily work.

4) Acceptance

After your application has been tested in staging mode under full load together with your team, all necessary acceptance and security protocols are created and the final release of your new system takes place.