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If you value high quality, individual consulting and comprehensive project support, Fiebak Medien is your ideal contact when it comes to video production. On the basis of your briefing, we use a lot of imagination, an extra portion of creativity and the latest film technology to create a production that presents your company in a credible and authentic way. It’s all about attracting attention and getting viewers interest in your brand, products or services. Concept, project development, storyboard, video shooting, post-production, publishing – all from a single source.

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360° video production

Delight your fans and followers on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram with stunning 360° videos. Informative and entertaining content up to 11K quality lets your company be in the spotlight.

Recruiting videos

Simplify your search for suitable employees and draw attention to vacancies in your company with a recruiting video. In this way, potential applicants do not only learn something about your corporate culture, but also about what you expect of them and possible opportunities for advancement.

Explainer videos

As the name suggests, explainer videos address more complex content that is not always immediately comprehensible to outsiders. In this way, you can explain exactly what your products or services are about in a clear and understandable way for everyone.

Image films

Corporate videos, also called image films, are among the most efficient advertising media. Through meaningful visualizations of your message, you optimally stage the image of your company and thus reach your target group.

Product videos

The focus is clearly on your products and their successful marketing. Highlight their features and benefits and in this way encourage your viewers to buy. Those who watch your product videos in advance make faster buying decisions.


Make your next corporate event or in-house trade show something everyone can experience. This way, your guests can watch the beautiful moments over and over again. In everyone else, you will awaken anticipation for your next event or concert.

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Videos achieve reach

In the age of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & Co., video content has become increasingly popular with users. It turns out that videos work even better than photos. The fact that they are viewed much longer makes your interaction rate increase significantly. Because moving images rank better in Facebook’s algorithm, they are shared more often and thus gain greater reach. Take advantage of this hype and use the opportunity to present your company to the public through one or more professionally created short films.