Acoustic brand identity

Music production for companies

What does your company sound like? Before you bother your head about this question, please answer the following: What does your corporate identity reflect? What image would you like to represent? What is your message to your target group? These are the key questions that need to be answered in advance in order to be able to use them as a basis to arrange your individual corporate sound.

Fiebak Medien verleiht Ihrem Unternehmen, Ihrer Marke, Ihrem Produkt eine einzigartige, akustische Identität, die mit Ihrer Corporate Identity verschmilzt und sie vervollständigt. We create a sound logo for you with maximum recognition factor. Our goal is to communicate your brand values by the individual sound of your company and to trigger pleasant, inspiring emotions in the listener.

Corporate sound is nothing more than acoustic branding, which intends to create an emotional connection between the listeners and your product, your service and eventually your company. We will find out together whether it is a sequence of tones, noises, a brand voice or a combination of everything. So that your message is communicated even more effectively and people have positive associations with your company, we will develop an audio logo for you that is catchy. Stand out from your competitors positively and gain valuable market shares.

Professional audio productions

We render your company audible

At Fiebak Medien you get high quality audio productions for a wide variety of areas. In addition to sound and audio branding as well as the dubbing of image or advertising films and trailers, we also write jingles. Further we support you with audio production for voice recordings, podcasts, radio advertising, Internet applications and telephone queues. Additionally, we implement individual music productions depending on the mood and specifications. If requested, with a suitable speaker who communicates your messages purposefully.

The entire process, which includes the conception, scoring, composition, planning, casting of speakers and musicians, editing and mastering of the audio production, is our responsibility. Benefit from our technical know-how as well as from our long of experience in the field of audio production.