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Are you in the process of establishing a start-up? Are you still missing the right logo that reflects your corporate identity and is easy to remember at first glance? Or are you thinking about a more modern version of your existing company logo?

After a detailed analysis of your target group and companies from the same branch, Fiebak Medien will design your ideal logo, which, in addition to a clear design and good legibility, is characterized by a high recognition value. The fact that your individual logo retains its strong expressiveness in all media, print and digital, in large and small versions, is a decisive design criterion that has the highest priority for us.

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We develop a unique logo design for an optimal presentation of your brand.

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A logo (Greek Lógos = teaching, word, speech, meaning) is a graphically designed sign that consists of letters, words and / or graphic elements, also known as a signet. It gives a company a unique signature and is an integral part (core) of the visual appearance (corporate design). The combination of text and image elements is called a word and design mark.

In addition, the logo colors that should match your corporate identity and your products or services are decisive. Taking into account this criterion, which should not be underestimated, creates certain associations for your target group. This can have a positive effect on the purchase decision. You will always receive a black and white version of your logo from us. This must be just as easy to recognize as the colored variant.

Which font in which font size works best for your individual logo? How big or how small are the ideal spacing between characters, words and lines? We ask ourselves these and similar questions when we think about the optimal typography for your logo.

With the application or registration with the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) in Munich, your logo becomes a legal trademark. In order to avoid the likelihood of confusion and the resulting infringement of patent law, it must be checked early enough whether someone else has already announced or registered an identical or similar logo. Our clear recommendation: consult a qualified patent and trademark attorney.