Digital retailer

Brillen Herbst

Customer: Brillen-Uhren-Schmuck Herbst

WordPress website relaunch

Our business relationship began with a complete overhaul of the previous website in 2017. Based on the content management system WordPress we created the new website in an individual layout. The clear structure and easy-to-read fonts make it easy for website visitors to find their way around and get to the content they want as quickly as possible. Thanks to mobile optimization, the website is also optimally displayed on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Architectural photography

Professional photos are one of the most important design tools that make up a website. In addition to exterior shots of the business building, we also created interior and detail shots for Brillen-Uhren-Schmuck Herbst and embedded them into the new website.

360° Google Street View tour

Complementing the classic images, the virtual 360° tour gives visitors an authentic impression of our client's business premises. By implementing the virtual tour, Brillen-Uhren-Schmuck Herbst gains more visibility on Google.

WooCommerce online shop

Our client's new WooCommerce online shop is the perfect complement to their WordPress website. Interested parties now have the opportunity to view the entire range online, order directly and have the desired products delivered to their homes anywhere in Germany.

Online shop training & consulting

Our ongoing workshops provide the staff at Brillen-Uhren-Schmuck Herbst with the information they need to maintain the online shop independently. This includes the entire process of purchase processing as well as the entry of new products.

Business portraits of the employees

The first impression counts. Professionalism is required when creating business portraits. The portraits of the employees strengthen the personal touch of the website and are continuously updated by us as new employees join the company.

Product photography

Meaningful photos of the products are crucial for the success of an online shop. The 3D product photos we create show individual pieces of jewelry in 360° view, so that potential buyers can look at their desired products in detail from all angles.

Social media: consulting & maintenance

Using social networks for your own corporate communications has long been part of good manners. In addition to Facebook and Instagram profile setup, we take care of campaign planning and ad creation. In the meantime, our customer manages the editorial plan on his own and creates articles independently.

Linking the shop with Instagram & Facebook

To attract even greater attention and make the shopping experience even more attractive, we linked the online shop with Instagram and Facebook and carried out a so-called catalog match. In this way, prospective buyers are guided directly to the online shop.