SEO check

Is your website visible on Google?

How visible are you on Google? Below are some of the most important factors to gain visibility. We are happy to advise you for search engine optimization.


SEO check

1. Do you have a search engine optimization strategy? Which terms are relevant for you to be found on Google?

Ask yourself which purpose your website has and which target group should be addressed. Realize which words are entered when searching for you.


2. Does your website have search engine-friendly URLs? Example:

The complete URL of a page consists of the domain name, the directory structure and the file name. If keywords are included in the URL, Google will be informed based on the URL what the post is about. Therefore a composed URL is being built together according to this principle:


3. Does your website contain interesting and individual content?

The most important criterion for first positions on Google is the content. They also say: „Content ist King“. Your website should provide current information to the visitors. The content should correspond to what the users expect under this search term. Many individual, self-written texts are evaluated very positive on Google. Avoid duplicate content! Copying texts from other pages is extremely harmful. Check this by googling the contents of your website. Maybe texts were simply taken by another website.


4. Is your meta information correct? Title, description and keywords

The header area of each page contains the meta information. Title, description and keywords are important. Taking into account important search terms, the title should make the content of the page clear and describe it briefly and appealingly. The description should describe the offer of the website in about 150 characters and thus make the visitors curious about the site. Enter only the 5-10 most important search terms in keywords.


5. Do you use the HTML Tags <H1> to <H4> for headlines?

The main header is recognized by H1 and H2 as very important. Sub headings are marked as less important with H3 and H4. So Google recognizes that this is really a heading.


6. Is your website linked internally, too?

An internal linking that is structured has a positive effect on Google ranking. If the content is manageable and logical the visitor will visit the site a second time.


7. Has your sitemap been made available to Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Webmaster Tools are free and offer detailed reviews about the presence of your page on Google. To get this information you must add and check your website. The determination of the access numbers and search queries can be used to draw helpful findings.


8. Does your website get new content every week?

A sign of the quality of a website is also whether continuous new content is provided. So upload new posts and write diligently new texts! No time? We help with the text employment.


9. Do you have a page that is focused on relevant keywords?

The content of the page should be aligned with the relevant keywords. The percentage of keywords in a text should be between 4% and 8%. But it can also be synonyms or themed words.


10. Is your page linked to social media pages like Facebook, Twitter or bookmark services?

Your activity in the social networks has a positive effect on the Google search. You should therefore link your account on Facebook, Twitter and Co. with your page. If a website is listed with Bookmark services by many users as a recommendation, it is also considered positive by Google, even if they have no “followers”.

Ask yourself these questions calmly! If you come to the conclusion that there is an optimization requirement on your website the team of Fiebak Medien from Baesweiler is looking forward to meeting you.