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VIVA Fitness

Customer: VIVA Fitness

With 30 gyms throughout Germany and over 150 permanent employees, VIVA Fitness is one of the best in its industry. Each facility has at least 1000 m2 and offers sports lovers a wide range of training opportunities.

The goal was to replace the previous, outdated website with a new, modern and technically up-to-date one.

The solution

During the consulting phase, we learned what was important to our client: a website whose design and content quality conveyed the uniqueness and premium character of VIVA Fitness to the outside world.


For the success of a website, professional photos are among the design tools that really matter. Individuality is required here, which can only be achieved through authentic visual material.

The high-resolution wide-angle and detailed images give people a first impression of the individual training areas as well as the changing and shower areas.

360° tour

The virtual 360° tour provides even more detailed insights. Starting in front of the entrance to the fitness studio, interested parties can start their exploration tour and navigate independently through the premises, turning around their own axis, looking up, looking down, getting closer, as if they were actually on site.

The clearly arranged menu, which was integrated into the 360° tour with the help of the tour extender, shows all areas of the gym at a glance and allows quick navigation between the individual menu items.

WordPress website

Based on the content management system WordPress, the new website of VIVA Fitness impresses with an individual layout, a clear structure, easy-to-read fonts and high-resolution images. Of course, we have optimized the site for mobile devices and taken SEO measures so that all gyms are found equally well by users on the web.

Studio finder

The integrated studio finder contains a list of all VIVA fitness facilities. On the other hand, people can use the search field to find the nearest studio by zip code.


In addition to powerful imagery, VIVA Fitness received custom SEO optimized texts for the homepage, all gyms and services from us. This improves visibility on Google and other search engines.